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    anyone purchase a steelmaster building?

    They show a picture of my local Hummer dealership. It actually looks better in person than in their picture.
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    Trane XE 90 pressure switch

    Yup, seen plenty of vents that where per manufactures specs 2" and well over 35 feet. Brand has much to do with it. A 40,000 btu furnace could have a vent pipe 2" dia and 60 feet equivelant length. A 120,000 btu furnace probably needs a 3" pipe to be corect per manufactures guidelines...
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    Installing copper pipe

    I did this Job on my house before i knew what i was doing-about five years ago. Started at 8 in the morning and finnished at 11pm. Only thing i would do different is to not cut off the 3/4 flare where it came into the house. Would have been an eight hour day with out that mistake. Spend some...
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    Trane XE 90 pressure switch

    It sounds a lot like two problems to me. It could almost anything associated with the drain, flue, inducer motor, pressure switch. Well step one at this point would be to replace the pressure switch now that you have subject it to pressures it is not designed for. I would do this mostly...
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    Adding insulation to finished walls, foam or blow in?

    Thanks for the information. Makes sense to me. Foam is not used to much in this area of the country, but i understand it is getting more common. I take it the stuff that they put in existing walls is different from the stuff that they put up in new construction when the walls are open. I...
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    Lack of Gas Hot Water

    There is a little brain teaser in The original posters post. How much water does the tub hold? How long does it take for a 75 gallon water heater to recover? Ten minutes? How much volume does all the pipes hold between the water heater and the tub? So if you fill a tub up half way is that...
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    Lack of Gas Hot Water

    Ive had this problem before where one bathroom would get hot water just fine and another would never quite get hot water. My brain hurts trying to remember all the details. There was a recirculating pump on a timer and when the pump was not running there was less resistance for the cold...
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    I think I'm in trouble:-(

    The cross hair peice just keeps stuff from going down the drain and functioned to screw the thing together when first installed. If you have a grate or something above the crosshair dealy then it seams to me there is no need for the crosshair dealy. for lack of a beter word crosshair dealy...
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    Adding insulation to finished walls, foam or blow in?

    I could be wrong but. A newer house comes with tyvek or some sort of barrier to wind/infiltration on the out side of the house. A older house is probably not as tight as a new one because they used tar paper that has deteriorated over the years. Also the sheathing(if that is what it is) could...
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    Outlets Grounded???

    I've been told im nuts. As i get to each room i've been tearing out all the dry wall, putting up a thicker wall and reinsulating every thing. I also am rewiring it all to make it modern and grounded. Wired everything for cable least the face plate is there. It is alwaysy anoying...
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    furnace keeps shutting off

    Oh My, Classic flame sensor problem. You could probably look at the fault code flashing through the blower door and match up the blinks to the chart inside the doors or it could be on the outside of the furnace. Might be a different fault code when the furnace is locked out as opposed to when...
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    How to bend PVC faster ?

    This does not have anything to do with faster, but iv'e heard of putting hot sand in the pipe as a method
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    Solar now pays big!

    Not a very frendly solution for the diy guy. Some of those installations are high dollar. So if you got an extra ten grand to spend u can get two grand back. It all seems like a nonsequiter to me. Sounds to me that when the lights go out the people with electricity will still be the ones...
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    Question about Electric Wall Heaters

    The HVAC guy should at least have been able to tell you why you need and electrician fairly quick. There is a little terminalogy mess up here i suppose. A wall furnace is 4-6 feet tall and has a fan in it. A baseboard heater is, well you know down by the base board. Have you lived in this...
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    Thermocouple Installation Question

    Sounds like u have a gas leak on the tube supplying the pilot. Call the plumber back on his work and have him correct your work too.