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  1. Frank

    Where the floor meets the wall!

    I had to do some sheetrock work beneath my window and when I pulled the baseboard off I noticed that there were different size gaps in the flooring of the wood and I can feel cold air coming through different spots from underneath the house which is a crawl space. I was wondering what could I...
  2. K

    painting baseboards

    1950's house, hardwood floors, wood trim in an ugly orangey brown. I am going to paint the trim white. Or...hire someone to do it. I have done a lot of painting in a number of houses - everything from walls to windows, furniture, etc. But my knees are really not loving the idea of crawling...
  3. E

    Baseboard Shifting Issues

    Hello, Just bought my first home! The list grows! Anyway I have this baseboard that's been bugging me since we moved in. As far as I can tell the main board is original to the home (1830's) with the trim added later on. From the picture you can tell that the baseboard has shifted quite a bit (...