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    Old wall AC unit removal

    Greetings all. So I have an old AC unit that I want to take out, to put in a new one. The old unit is non functioning, and not accessible to change the cap unless I pull it out anyway. So I am going to just replace it. The unit was caulked in with some blocks of wood to fill in the hole. I...
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    Brick spalling

    Does this brick spalling look concerning? Any suggestions on the mitigation?
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    Help! How to repair this wall? -Don’t know what it’s made of...

    Hello, Let me start off by saying - I am a first time home owner who is trying to figure things out as I go... At first I thought repairing these walls in my closets would be a fairly "easy" task... But now I'm second guessing myself. Coming here to get some tips. I'd love to do this repair...