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  1. zepper

    3-way switch puzzle

    Hey guys, I can't be the first person who's done this, so I'm sorry if I'm asking something that's been asked (many times?) before. My wife wanted to replace our existing dining room ceiling light—a three-bulb mini-spot, off to the side—with a pendant light directly over the dining table. So...
  2. B

    Shop Light Fixture Wiring

    I am in the process of upgrading my lighting in my garage/shop (house built in 76). I took the old fixture out and noticed the wiring in the box didn’t include a ground wire or screw. The wiring also doesn’t run through conduit so there’s no ground there. Thoughts on how to properly ground the...
  3. B

    Goodman Heatpump, Honeywell Thermostat

    Quick background... 19 year old Ruud heatpump died in July (on the hottest day of summer, of course). The Ruud worked well for many years with a Honeywell CT3611(R4450) thermostat. Replaced the dead Ruud with a lightly used Goodman 2 ton unit (GSH130181). Since that hot day in July, I've been...
  4. R

    Current capacity of wire

    Hi Everyone, I have a wire similar to on image below: its rating is 14/76. I assume that it has 14 strands of 0.0076 inch diameter wire. What could be current capacity of this wire? is there any formula to calculate it? thanks
  5. sfimirat

    Wi-Fi Skateboard Lamp: Wiring Question

    I've seen a few different videos and how-to's on making these but none of them really go step-by-step. One of the longer ones is here but I feel like it skips some steps in the wiring: For example, how do you know which color wire you connect to the white and to the black when you are splicing...
  6. E

    Hard Wiring Existing dishwasher

    Hello, When I bought the home all new appliances had been installed. Well it looks like the dishwasher was partially installed. From what I can tell they stripped the plug from the cord exposing the wiring. It looks pretty simple to me, white to white, black to black, but I want to make sure...