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Feb 19, 2018
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I have a drywall crack on an overhead ceiling beam. The house is 1 year old. 2 floors and walk out basement. The crack is on the main floor ceiling. Could this be normal or something to be concerned about? I have attached the picture.

I do have a warranty until next month. I have put a request in with the warranty company. I just wanted to get other opinions on it.
It looks like a drop to hide plumbing or just decoration, likely not serious. but if you get it looked at before that month is up you should be fine.
Our warrantee is staged some things are covered for 10 years. That would include the structure behind the drywall.
Minor cracks in drywall in a new house are not uncommon. Even a well dried out new house will take several heating seasons to fully "adjust".
The more humid the environment the longer it will take...
Had to tell what you have going on there with a close up picture.
Sort of looks like the the tape is coming loose on an outside corner.
I attached another wider shot and one that shows the support beam before the drywall was on. I figured it was probably either normal wood drying out or foundation settling. Is it likely to crack again after being repaired?


Dimensional lumber will shrink as it dries so I would not suspect a structural problem. Just have the drywall fixed.

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