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Dec 26, 2013
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I got three quotes for foundation repair on my 100 year old FL bungalow. I signed a contract with one and gave a deposit last week. The guy calls me today and says he made a terrible mistake and forgot to add labor charges. He said he'd get back to me later today with the new quote. The contract I signed was for $9500. The company is LRE Foundation Repair. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion about this whole thing...
Well, that would depend upon how it is presented, IE, as a cancelation & renegotiation of an existing contract, or as a change order.
As a layman here's what I would do:

Talk to the contractor and see if he will give you the original signed contract and your deposit. I don't see why he wouldn't because as it is written it is to his disadvantage. Then have him write "This contract is void" or something to that effect and have him sign it. Renegotiate the price to include the labor costs and see if it is close to the other estimates that you received.
Sorry for delay in reply. I volunteered to void the contract, but the company didn't take me up on it. I have no idea why they didn't as it was an easy out for them.
The work involved 34ft of supplemental support beam and 7 SmartJacks in crawl space. Work was completed as per original contract.
Perhaps they followed through with the original price because markup on this work is so high to begin with?

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