Landscaping that I did not plan to do for a few more years.

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Apr 29, 2015
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I have a retaining wall that is about 4 feet high and about12feet long. It is made of garden ties. I have grand plans for it when we moved in 3 years ago. This winter, I am noticing the centre is pushing out.So, now those plans will have to be changed.

My plan is to make it a waterfall. Due to the change in plans, I will be replacing the garden ties with the stone to prepare for making it a waterfall in a few years.
So, my new plan this year is to take the wood retaining wall down to where it stops bowing. Cut back the hill on a slope, matching the rest of the area, if not hallower, and then put sod down. That 4 foot wall now is 2 feet and should last a few more years till the transformation of that area can begin.
Turning your retaining wall into a waterfall sounds like it will add a unique and beautiful element to your outdoor space. It's amazing how unexpected changes can sometimes lead to creative ideas. 😄
I was planning on doing this work, just not this soon.