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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
I am going with my daughter this weekend to look at a used mobile home for purchase. It is sitting in a mobile home park.

Other than the usual looking for softspots around windows, commodes, tubs and in kitchen areas as well as looking for obvious roof leaks, what else should we be looking at?
I know it's a 2001 and it is in Ohio.
Do we need to do a title search? Any other ideas of what to look out for?
Just a couple of Items, from having accomplished repairs and installation in several parks.

Built after 1976, as I recall, are called manufactured homes and each county has specific procedures, when transferring title, and it's different then normal residential properties.

Some parks have, "age of", restrictions, that when a home reaches a certain age, it no longer be sold.

General exterior condition, age of and type of roofing, weatherstripping, awnings, parking
access and park restrictions.
I sold one earlier this year, and I had the paid for registration in the license department. Once it was paid for a regular hand written bill of sale is all that was needed. This is north Alabama. The new owners did some repairs and resold it.

You may want to check if it has a heat pump or furnace. My furnace could run when the AC was out of freon. A heat pump would not be able to. Have you checked the roof, has it been cool coated ever? Have you looked up in the closets to see if there are any hidden roof leak evidence there? Have you run all the water, or at least looked at as many pipes and connections? Is the hot water heater there or or there and working?
Also, look under it to see if the plastic is shredded as if animals had been under there and messing with things.