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Dec 24, 2013
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The question does not exactly relate to houserepairtalk however it may some distant relation, improving home. apologies.
I am thinking to furnish my apartment with newer furnitures, sworn out of ikea.
I am wondering what is good brand that strikes a balance between contemporary design with some reasonably economical price?
I am not interested in classic, medieval but more like lightweight design, may be some with radical design but no overkill.
Cheap furniture, throw in the dumpiest when moved.
Sorry for reviving this one. Nobody mentioned any brands then, so maybe someone will add something now. It's just that I'm looking for good furniture, too.
Allform is said to be good & they tend to make in a sustainable manner. Some others that people I know like are Burrow, Stickley (a long time company), Floyd & The Joinery. The Joinery hand makes stuff, so it takes a while to receive your order.

One thing I look for is no particle board or MDF. Others are no laminates & no Made In China (those certainly leave Ikea out).

Happy Shopping!