Table saw missing riving knife/blade guard

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Jan 6, 2017
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I acquired a table saw from the side of the road. Kobalt 10" jobsite table saw, looks barely used. Model kt1015. However it is missing the riving knife and blade guard.

Lowes no longer sells these table saws, and I can't find parts for it on Amazon, eBay, or any of the first few tool replacement parts websites that come up when I search.

Are riving knives and blade guards somewhat interchangeable, so I could buy one from a different manufacturer and it would fit this saw? What's the best way to get that part?
Older saws don't even have them and a lot of woodworkers get rid of them because they continually get in the way.
@Eddie_T OK but this table saw definitely comes with one when you buy it new (or did back when Lowes sold it), and I'd rather have the option to remove a safety feature I feel I don't need later on than not have one in the first place.
I'm missing parts A (blade guard), B (anti-kickback pawls), and X (riving knife). So, they exist somewhere, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. If I could only get one of those parts I'd want the riving knife (well, especially since the other two attach to the riving knife).

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 09.22.02.png

I see there's a similar-looking OEM one sold on Amazon but it says it's for a Dewalt tablesaw. They look so identical I wonder if it would fit my Kobalt. Or if I could buy it, use it as a template to fabricate my own from sheet metal with whatever necessary customizations, then return the one I bought...

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 09.27.26.png
^^ Dewalt OEM on left, Kobalt user manual excerpt on right.
Call dewalt customer service and ask if they made the kobalt saw. I'm sure cobalt is just a store brand.
Kobalt is Lowe's store brand. That's a good idea, I wonder if Dewalt made the table saw. I could look at Dewalt's jobsite table saws and see if there's one that looks identical in general. (Calling customer service is an option, but I consider it a last resort because I am averse to navigating robo-answering machine systems and waiting on hold.)
The Kobalt is prolly made in China... Kobalt is supposed to be a more expensive step up brand from Harbor Freight's house brand, but they're not. I have a Kobalt air impact wrench says 750 lb.-ft. of torque, but more like 100... more than the HF's '230' claim that is more like 80, but still... not worth 3-4 times the price...
My Dad's table saw he used since 1940's never had a guard...
not worth 3-4 times the price...
Great review but my price was $0.00, and even if I have to buy a $35 riving knife it's still a better deal than I'm likely to find anywhere else.

Thinking of just fabricating my own anyway, now that I've got some experience cutting sheet metal from my dip station project. Even the small sheets they sell at Menards are big enough to make a second one if I mess up the first.
Maybe print the picture to size and cut it out of card stock (or glue to cardboard) for a trial fit.
Maybe print the picture to size and cut it out of card stock (or glue to cardboard) for a trial fit.
That's a great idea. If I can find a picture that's to size...
Think I might buy a Dewalt riving knife to use as a template, keeping Dewalt's packaging and receipt handy...
Has anyone found a viable replacement option? I’m in the same boat.
Maybe, as mentioned earlier by EddieT, make a cardboard template. When you're done fine tuning it, take it to a sheet metal shop to have one made.

Or, perhaps have one 3-D printed or water jet cut. Or, even buy a sheet of polycarbonate and cut one out with a fine tooth coping saw blade.

To me, it sounds like a really good reason to buy a 3-D printer.


PS: Often used tool parts show up on Bonanza for sale.