What to do about downspout that empties into gangway?

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Oct 9, 2023
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Chicago, IL
We have a downspout that empties onto our gangway sidewalk. In the winter this becomes an ice rink. One side of the walkway is flanked by our building, the other is a small garden on our neighbor's property. We're trying to figure out the best drainage solution. We've talked to contractors about re-locating the downspout, but the consensus is it needs to stay put. We can't run it to the backyard as it would cross a door going to the basement and then stairs up to our backdoor. We're on good terms with our neighbors and they would likely let us reconfigure this area as long as they don't start getting water.

What can we do?


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Could you run it at an angle towards the front of the house? Or run it over the door, down the white siding and towards the steps. If you have grass in front of the steps, you could go underground with a pvc pipe and let it out somewhere in the yard with a pop up drain.
local by laws where i live say your downspout must direct the water on to your property .