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    How to fix sinking ceiling fixture?

    No, unfortunately. It really was a big pain to even get into that area in the attic! This is only happening with two of our fixtures, we have about 20 total.
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    How to fix sinking ceiling fixture?

    Also apologies if I posted this in the wrong section, I looked for lighting and thought this might be the best place for my question!
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    How to fix sinking ceiling fixture?

    Hi everyone, we have a couple sinking ceiling fixture lights (please see attached picture), I think probably from the weight of new blow-in insulation we added to the attic. I crawled into the attic to try to pull them back up, wedge them into place, etc., but no luck -- they just seem a little...
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    Broken front cabinet drawer

    Hi folks -- this is the first time I've posted to this forum, I certainly look forward to any helpful advice! Please see the attached pictures. I have a cabinet drawer, the front panel of which is barely hanging on. I can only open it by tugging at the right corner that's still firmly...