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    Fire code regarding grills on patios

    The complex my mother lives in does not allow grills. There are no local ordinances against it, it's just their rule.
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    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    I live in NW Ohio so we get a lot of freeze thaw. Anything ridged will crack, 100% guaranted. You have to have something that will give. The sand and flexible caulk method will last a couple years or so, then you do it again. I know of no 1 time fix it forever product or method. You have freeze...
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    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    You want to fill the gap with the sand to about 1/4" - 1/2" deep to cut down the required sealant. Spread it out in the sun and get it good and dry so it will flow in and fill as much as possible. I'd shy from a backer rod if it leaves much of a void underneath it.
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    refinishing stair treads

    We did ours every other one.
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    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    I did the same thing with the play sand and then used the Sika flex over that once the gap was filled to about 1/4" depth. I had several slabs where that was necessary. I also beat on it with a rubber mallet to get the sand to settle in. I would have to repeat this every few years. I would use a...
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    Question on metal carport

    Could you add a couple of post along side the original posts and run a small beam across them and tie it all together with the existing frame? You know sort of beef up the framework a bit. It's probably close so a little more framework would probably do it.
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    Hot water heater

    Semantics are funny. I correct people when they tell me they had to unthaw a frozen pipe or unthaw a frozen steak for dinner. If you unthaw it you are freezing it. I always get a weird look until they think about it.
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    Thankful to Dewalt

    Planned obsolescence.
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    Is running EMT under the eave of the house considered out doors and I have to use waterproof couplers?

    Boy I know what you mean about the cable companies. You should see the mess DirecTV has on the back of my house. For th OP if the conduit wouldn't see much rain the a cable in that area shouldn't see much sun you'd think. Maybe tuck it it the F Chanel or something like that. A location like that...
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    Is running EMT under the eave of the house considered out doors and I have to use waterproof couplers?

    Does network cable even have to be in conduit since it's low voltage? Could you hide a single run of cat wire behind the gutter or something?
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    Can you Identify what type of roof this is?

    Looks like a rubber roof to me. A fully adhered rubber roof would hold up well in strong winds. I had several fully adhered roofs applied to industrial buildings. As mentioned they are usually use for flat roofs. BTW it is not a very attractive look, IMO. There are some liquid products for roofs...
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    Foundation Issues

    I did a work project a couple years ago that involved concrete wall and roof restoration and we used carbon fiber in places to reinforce the wall. They described it as rebar on the outside of the wall. Basically it's woven carbon fiber material saturated with an resin. Think fiberglass.
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    Foundation Issues

    I helped my BIL with a similar problem and we cut holes in the floor then but an I-beam into that vertically against the wall then jacked the top of it to force the wall outward. We excavated outside first though. Once pushed out into position we secured the top and poured concrete around the...
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    Wood filler for outdoor service

    Thanks for the ideas. There are some uh, unusual trim details on the hose that the people that built it moled from bondo I guess. They look fine and are close to 30 years old. The house has a lot of porches and there are arches cut from 2x12 that span from post to post. I think I might use that...
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    Wood filler for outdoor service

    I'm not sure this is the best place for this post but her goes. I have a new porch on a barn. The ceiling is vinyl but the beam running around the perimeter and the posts are wood and I want to paint them white. The posts are 6x6 treated while the beam is (2) 2x10's sitting in notches in the 6x6...