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    Repairing Crack in Concrete Deck Pier

    You have rebar inside ? then you should be ok
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    What’s this?

    yes looks like it.
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    Let's Talk Backup Power!

    I have a 6,500 watt generator in my garage, I have several 120 outlets and a lot of extension cords . This will run frig, lighting, TV, microwave, coffee machine and electric frying pan , enough for me for a day or two. total cost about $1200 with accessories . also get a big spare 5 gal tank...
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    Hot water heater exhausts into failed chimney; repipe or repair?

    you can combine both in the same flue , what sizes are the appliances , btu and diameter , also the size of the flue .
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    New tub drain kit installation - questions

    I usually tighten the drain much more than hand tight.
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    Basement project

    All i see is a drain for the shower or floor drain or toilet. could be anything. I would suggest that you have a toilet, shower and vanity sink . I assume that you already have a clothes washer , if no include one. get a plumber to check out the sump pitt. is it sanitary or rain water . do this...
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    Fixing Squeaky Floor While Redoing the Flooring?

    I would suggest glued and screwed .
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    P-trap for a shower needed?
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    P-trap for a shower needed?

    there are reasons for things not to be approved , I can just see trouble if you install this devise. Yes i was a plumbing inspector for 15 years after 30 years in the trade. But if you know better go ahead.
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    P-trap for a shower needed?

    just because you bough it does not make it legal, take for example saddle valves 100% ilegal but you can buy them.
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    P-trap for a shower needed?

    are these things legal?
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    how to solve excessive HVAC noise?

    You can redo the duct work to a larger size and slower bends, it will cost a lot. also when you select the grills go with a lower nc rating . that is noise criteria
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    Questions about yard and lawn care

    So many weeks later and my lawn look perfect, the grass is thick and lush with now weeds , adjust your Moyer to highest setting .
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    Do any of you know what type of pipe this is? Gas? Sprinkler system? It's sticking out of the side of my garage. (Carrollton, TX)

    it is a natural gas line. if you do not have gas the valve should be closed(it is not now ) and a lock installed . it is a lock shield valve.
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    Window condenser fan for my cabin

    I do not know know what you are talking about, is it a window unit with evaporative cooling coil and out side condensing unit .