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    Grading a lawn

    Thx guys. No big rocks per say, maybe 3" round max. But everything is lumpy. I guess i can pick rocks but how to you level ot easy? Thays why im wondering if i dig out a big and order top soil. I have some rather large areas in multipule areas. Lets say an acre total. Digging out stumps and...
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    Grading a lawn

    Im having a hard time attaching pics. I have removed some small wooded areas and i want to level it and remove rocks and roots so my finish mower can do the job. I have my yard toy, a jcb 4cx but i dont know if its to big or how to properly do what i want. Is there a way to level and remove...
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    Siding before gable roof

    That window is an issue . I will replace it at some point , but I'm ignoring it for now
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    Siding before gable roof

    I'm ditching the shed roof idea , just gonna do a gable over the door .
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    Siding before gable roof

    Something like this
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    Siding before gable roof

    I want to finish siding The house , before I build a gable roof over the front entrance . If I nail the gable starter wood over the door , how to I properly run the j channel to accept the siding ?
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    Replacing metal roof with asphalt shingles

    Under my metal roof is a plastic liner , and under that bubble wrap insulation . All installed on Perlins over trusses , no sheeting.
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    Metal roof question

    I have a metal roof , I did not personally install it . I have installed standing seam roofs . I just sided part of my house standing on the roof on a hot summer day. I heard the pops . A standing seam roof has concealed fasteners that allow the metal to expand and contract . The roof I have...
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    Land survey?

    Recently , not decently , lol. That word dosnt go with divorce lol.
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    Land survey?

    From what I gather , my survey ( done and paid for by the previous owner) was not staked, probably because of the conflict . So 2 weeks ago my lawyer said to pay the original surveyor to stake it , and add my own no trespassing signs . Well that company won't do it because of the issue ...
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    Land survey?

    Anyone know anything about surveys ? Originally my survey said 2 property owners to the north did not recognise my boarder , so there is an overlap . My lawyer told me not to worry about it . Well now loggers have been hired by both of those land owners so I want it cleared up . Checked the...
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    Anybody lift weights?

    Always have , always will. I'm recently divorced, and I'm finding it hard to juggle all the woman . I'd say I'm decent looking, but no pretty boy. It's all thanks to my body :p .
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    hey Canada !!!!!!!!!!

    I think the fact of the matter is , we should not care about what people of the world think , wether happy or afraid . This is about America , no one else.
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    Preventing mice from entering garage

    We have lots of barn cats , they help . But we still get mice . The old school mouse traps work , but Gotta keep them out of reach of the cats . It's a never ending battle .
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    Minimum wage increase

    I'm talking about the people I see demenstrating for 15$ minimum wage . 2 years ago I was working downtown on a large new build so we had to walk blocks for parking . We passed a Wendy's (burger joint ) and the workers were picketing for just that . I'm not sure what the percentage is . I'd...