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    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    You can try heating the area with a propane torch. The heat will expand the metal and break the bond. Once it cools off try the method I mentioned above
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    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    Flyover That is frustrating! Try this. The PB blaster is great stuff. Really soak the area that is stuck. Then try to tighten the connection. I have found that a connection breaks a little more easily when tightening it. Once you can get it to move then you can start backing it off. This...
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    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    This is an old post but another shout out to JohnBoy555! had a customer contact me because they could not for the life of them remove the handle from their shower while trying to replace the cartridge. The set screw was stripped deep inside the handle. I grabbed a torx bit tapped it in with a...
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    Install LED Ceiling Lighting in Master Bedroom

    Someone please correct me if so needed. I'm not an electrician but I think this would be one approach that you may like.... If you do not want to run new Romex down the wall and add a new switch which would require you to remove the junction box and replace it with a larger one to accommodate a...
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    Water Seeping Through Cinderblock Walls

    Have you considered a french drain around the perimeter of your house? I don't mean the type that was originally put around the base of the wall. This would be one that is about 4 ft away from the house and about 2 ft down and 6 in wide. Basically, you make a trench around the house that would...
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    Seam separation granite countertop

    For what it's worth, before adding a matching color caulk, I would consider blowing compressed air into the gap to clean out any dirt or water. one of those cans for cleaning off keyboards would be perfect. Then I would clean out the space with rubbing alcohol. That stuff will mix with any...
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    Ceiling fan light

    To eliminate the dimmer as the problem, remove the dimmer and put in a normal light switch. Then you can see if the light is working properly. If the light works properly, you may need to get a different dimmer that's compatible with the type of light on your fan
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    Estimated cost of repairing these issues?

    For what it's worth, here's my two cents. I run a handyman business and every once in a while a seller wants me to fix something for them so they can sell their house. I hate those jobs. They often want me to do it the cheapest way possible just so they can sell the house. I don't do cheap work...
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    Wall repair after tearing off tile

    I'm afraid my reply is probably coming after you finished your project. Mud and tape can make a pretty strong surface. It works wonders around junction boxes when the hole is too big for the box. I don't see why it wouldn't work in your application. Especially if the tile will cover it once it's...
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    Paper or metal for corners

    If I'm not mistaken, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, the metal channels are for outside corners. I would use paper tape. In my opinion it's a better for inside corners and gaps like that.
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    How to remove caulk from siding

    I was wondering how things worked out. I have a new bottle of it in my work van. Used it just the other day to remove a very bad caulking job in order to replace it with a better one. Just makes the job a little easier. Hope you didn't struggle too much getting all that caulking out. It's such a...
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    Should I use calk or grout to fix a long crack between the counter and the backsplash?

    Jeff, if I'm not mistaken the product is labeled as siliconized grout. It's not in the store with the other caulking products, it's with the grout and mortar. But it basically looks like a tube of caulking. Robob74. Color-wise, that'll be a little bit of a mismatch because it's bright white...
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    Should I use calk or grout to fix a long crack between the counter and the backsplash?

    I work as a handyman and I see this a lot. Whenever you have two different directions coming together like a wall and a countertop it's better to use caulk than grout. the slight movement between the two directions causes cracking in the grout. You see this also in bathrooms along the corners of...
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    Modern Adhesives

    *Gap filling :)