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    Treadmill Repair

    treadmill motor used to tumble brass $300.00 in stores with only half the capacity . the cost of the build was about $20.00
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    Low water in Toilet Bowl

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    What did you do today?

    Thanks for the advice, the longest will be 4' I think they will be ok
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    What did you do today?

    20 over here I bought 8- 8' pieces of roof tin 33'' wide for $100.00 and i shopped for that price the screws were 30 bucks !!!!!!
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    What did you do today?

    Speaking of projects, I just got back from home depot i needed some treated 2x4's i saw the price at $4.42 each then i saw treated landscape timbers at $3,37 each I bought landscape timbers, and will rip them prices are crazy
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    What did you do today?

    cut 4 - 1x4s on a 45 degree angle, to make a frame make the frame 1'' smaller than the mirrior using your table saw, set it to rip a 1/2'' grove in all 4 pieces so the mirror is inletted into the frame
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    Electric service pole bent

    the reason the pole is shifted and the flashing is cocked sideways is the support cable for the power line is tied to the pole instead of bolted to the building. the op stated they had a bad storm, I think a limb hit the wire and cocked the flashing. have the power company reattach the...
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    Improper plumbing & trying to remodel bathroom/laundry

    glacier bay is crap, jmo :) buy a moen or a delta we had a storm, lights been of for 2 days
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    4 years ago, I ran across an instant hot and I installed it on my sink love it love it then it stopped working, sad sad sad I removed it, did not do anything to it but move the temp setting it started working again then, the plastic tubing from the unit to the faucet melted so...
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    What did you do today?

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    Storing grass seed

    I keep my grass seeds in my nightstand drawer :rofl:
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    What did you do today?

    it is not i would post a picture, but it is my butt and Zanne might get all excited !!!:hide: :rofl::rofl:
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    What did you do today?
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    What did you do today?

    just a tad bit excited.
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    What did you do today? The vacuum machine was taken off today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!