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Aug 5, 2008
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4 years ago, I ran across an instant hot and I installed it on my sink
love it...love it love it
then it stopped working, sad sad sad
I removed it, did not do anything to it but move the temp setting
it started working again
then, the plastic tubing from the unit to the faucet melted
so i removed the whole thing and replace the tubing with copper tubing
re installed it
it would not work
so i left it along, 3 months later the damn thing is working again
only thing i can figure out is it must have some kind of safety cut out
that i have triggered some how

oh well, rant over


Jan 25, 2017
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Very possible it's a thermal cutoff gone bad? Is it an electric unit under the sink? Electric safeties can get weak over time and I'm not sure of how they are setup as I'm a gas guy and can troubleshoot those. Some are manual reset and some auto(likely what you have) and as they cool they reset automatically. You can bypass safeties to see if it works(temporary fix) and go from there. There should be a schematic on it. I know gas appliances need a certain pressure to operate and tankless need a certain water pressure.. I'm assuming that nothing's changed in your water pressure? Sounds like it's fixable but sometimes cheaper to replace depending on the jacked up prices on parts and age of the unit.
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