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    Installing new furnace question.

    Welcome Flipper: The filter has a resistance to air flow, depending on which type you use. The size of the filter is larger to allow as much air as the smaller opening would pass. It is possible to put a small section of duct on the side of the furnace with the 15 X 19 hole cut in one side and...
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    Rinse agent cup

    Hello KOK: I don't know where the rinse agent comes out but my dishes sure let me know when its all gone; wow look at the spots. I don't know how hard your water is but I would bet you can see the difference too. Glenn
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    Electric Stove Replacement

    Hello Stanigator: My mistake, it is entirely possible that a new range of higher quality won't burn out the burners nearly as often. The self cleaning feature could be a big help too; I have noticed burnouts on an electric range seem to be associated with a lot of corrosion, perhaps caused by...
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    Random Facts

    Wow! I'm certainly impressed!!! Glenn
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    Drywall Directly on Concrete

    Welcome Nick: You can hang drywall on the blocks with Contech PL 400 (a construction adhesive). I know, I recommend that brand a lot but I had super experience with it. We built over 1,000 houses that had to be hauled down the road to their site and never had a failure with that adhesive. You...
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    Electric Stove Replacement

    Hello Stanigator: There should be an appliance repair parts store in your city, where you can buy new burners and contacts. I don't think the self-cleaning option has anything to do with making burners or contacts last longer, sorry. Glenn
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    Recreating fireplace "frieze"

    Welcome Dancer: I would look around for a wood carving in antique stores, at cabinet shops, reclaimed building materials stores or the internet. A good construction adhesive should hold it in place. Glenn
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    T1-11 Siding Question

    Welcome RTvorik: I would use Contech PL 400 construction adhesive; it remains waterproof and will hold anything. I used barrels of it in a modular home plant and never had a failure. Glenn
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    rotting beam

    Hello SeaOx: That is a good price! I charged that much to raise a house 20 years ago. We had already done extensive rehabilitation work on the house and I could'nt be sure how much of it might be damaged in the raising. It worked out that we raised it in 2 1/2 hours without any damage and the...
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    PLEASE HELP! AC drain pipe caused flood

    Hello SLPStang: I vote for KOK's remedy; snake the pipe out and put a 'running trap' on the lower end to keep the insects from getting into the pipe. The trap will drown them and the condensate will wash them out as the come along, being that near the end of the pipe. Glenn
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    How do you know how much is too much?

    Hello KatyE: I have been to Grand Rapids a few times and I think it is beautiful. I don't know about your neighborhood but lots of folks live near freeways; so many its not a stigma anymore. Yes, you deserve the appliances you want and you deserve the tin ceiling. You go girl! It doesn't...
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    Concrete basment floor drain

    Hello BWildly: Yes, your method will work just fine. There is no reason for the holes and, being open to mud shows that they need to be sealed up. Clean the holes as deep as you can and fill them with some mortar mix from Sackrete or Quickrete. Glenn
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    For lean-to roof over deck what material dimensions are needed?

    Hello Bill: Obviously you will want to run the panels away from the house so the supports will need to be paralell to the house. How about a 2 X 10 rafter at each end of the patio, attached to the house with a joist hanger at the 12' height and a 4 X 6 under the other end. Now, we are using...
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    How to install vinyl siding around chimney?

    Hello StevenC: You may want to lay a bead of silicone caulk next to the chimney and seat the J-channel in that for a waterproof seal. Glenn
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    GFCI trips

    Excuse me, My bad. I just thought it sounded good. Glenn