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  • Hello Brian:
    I saw the Dr. at Knoxville, TN last Wednesday and he said I need to wear the neck brace another six weeks and that it may take a year or more to get the feeling back in my left index finger. So, we were at The Smoky Mountains all last week. I am trying to type more now; I just have to look where my left hand is from time to time. It is hard to keep it on the home keys.
    Thank you for your interest.
    Hi Glenn, well it has been a month since your gymnastics tryout's.:) Hope all has gotten better, this place sure does miss your helpin out. Sending my best.
    http://DSC0058.JPGhttp://DSC0059.JPGThanks for your interest Shan,
    No halo here, haven't even applied for sainthood; just 66 years old and suffered abraisions and trauma all over. Like your wreck patients say, "I don't have any palce that doesn't hurt".
    Tuesday was the third week and I have tapered off the pain medication considerably while sleeping all night.
    Janie, my wife, is a Registered Nurse too and has taken superb care of me, begining with saving my life at the scene; I'm sooo blessed to have her.
    You know, She's a RN, I'm a Registered Master Plumber so, when we married (her at 45 and me at 48) we set out to have an AKC registered child. That didn't work so, we adopted a Registered English Bulldog. Now we feel complete. Doesn't she look just like me?
    OH my Goodness... I just read that you broke your neck!!!!! I am so glad that you are OK.. I actually work on a neuro/cardiac ICU stepdown floor. do you have a Halo ro just a c-collar. I kinda got the incling that maybe you have a halo since you stated it was hard to move around much. I am so glad that you are ok!!!
    Hello QBlasius:
    Sorry I left you hanging so long. This is the first time I noticed the message.
    I have a geothermal system and we love it.
    In our area we contact Kenergy who sells the systems and they have two installers who are certified. I installed my own.
    The cost in your area will probably run over $10,000 including the new ductwork and wells for the recirculating water. That is on a three ton unit.
    Pluses, you can cut your energy cost tremendously. Kenergy finances them for local customers and their savings are enough to make the payment; they can't afford not to have one. Minuses, you will miss the hot water circulating under your floor; they keep the floors toasty warm. You will need some good house shoes.
    Mine was built by Trane and you may be able to find an installer under that name. If you have a United Refrigeration store near you they will know who installs them.
    Hi Glennjanie - I live in the Northeast, just bought an old house (no A/C, baseboard heating w/oil furnace), am thinking of upgrading. Thinking of installing geothermal, know the basics (eg, how it works in principal, various different geothermal layouts, etc), but cannot seem to find any information for 'intermediates.' I am interested in projected costs, pluses/minuses, how to find a good installer, individual's experiences, etc,etc...

    any thoughts?
    Dear Glennjanie,
    Do you know much about vintage stoves? We just got a 1950 Magic Chef hooked up to our gas. We can light the four burners and the separate broiler. However, we can't light the oven. We see the lighter flame flicker when we hold it up to the opening where it says "light here", but the oven does not ignite. The temperature dial is turned up to the highest level and then we turn on the oven dial. Any leads? Thanks, Lee
    Thanks for the advice. Does the floor removal tool have a specific name? Or should I just explain my plight to the tool rental shop (probably the Home Depot outlet nearby) and rely on them to know?
    Mr. Glenn Ford...
    Your experience and wisdom are much appreciated. Thank you for your posts and please continue with your helpful hints. You have much to offer; whether newbies, handymen or professionals.

    You didn't ask for my 2 cents (canadian by the way), but there it is!

    I am wondering how my link is in violation of your tos? I wouldn't have even put my website in my sig if I didn't
    notice "roofinggod's) website in his. How are these 2 different? Thanks for taking the time to explain,
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