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    Hi there,

    I contacted you directly - having seen the good advice you've given. I'm new to both the site to a 100 yr old house in NJ with sagging floors. I'm looking for referrals for engineers/contractors in NJ.
    Although our home inspector did not seem concerned by the sagging, his report stated :
    "The front entry foyer to living room floor has a significant floor drop at the base of the partition wall commonly caused by a misaligned and inadequately supported wall framing. The dropped partition wall is located under the dropped and sloped out-of-level master bedroom floor- need referral to a licensed design professional to certify these conditions for adequacy or prescribe structural repair remedies to address these framing concerns."
    Everyone advised us not to raise the beam - put ina support column. I would like an opinion from an engineer and a cost estimate from a builder who will do this right. Thank you.


    I'm looking into a weatherizaton business opportuity here in Chicago. All the talk is that 90% of the homes that are targeted are low income, balloon framed and need air sealing , insulatoin and either a Boiler cleaning or efficiency replacement. They talk about mandating 2 part spray foam. Is this really necessary? What about Nu wool? Can I use that for exterior walls and attics, etc? Each house is tested with a Flir and Blower Door to get a Air flow CFM reading, then a work order is generated by a ROI model program. The Weatherization contractor then is supposed complete the work order (labor and materials limit of $4200) and perform their own blower door test to see if the target Air flow CFM is met... Is this business worth going after?
    Hey Brian:
    We have been back from vacation in the Smoky Mountains for about a week. I'm still very slow on the up-take because I broke my neck near Gatlinburg by falling down the river bank head first. Tom had to come down and help to rescue us; he stayed with us for a whole week.
    I am in a neck brace and my left index finger is numb so, it is hard to look down or find my home keys on the keyboard. I'm not going to try to answer so much for a while, but I am still kicking, just not very high.
    I don't know what to do about SPAM and RSS feeds and it frustrates me to no end. I fear the Forum is going down hill.
    Talk to you later when I'm more able.
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