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    New windows

    I am seeking advice. I live a a busy street. I recently had new windows installed. I thought that this would not only help with energy efficiency but also noise reduction. The noise seems just *** loud. Can anyone tell me how to fix this . I paid a good amount for these windows.
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    Ok I think will call a home inspector tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
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    What are my options? Do I not pay the rest of the balance and risk a lean on my home? Would I be able to prove the work is wrong? Im a single mom I work 2 jobs dnd saved up money for a long time to pay for this siding to finay get done. And now it is wrong. Sorry for the son story I just...
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    hello I am looking for some advice. I am having new siding installed and there is some questionable things that I'm noticing. I am not a contractor but these things don't look right to me. I have not paid the balance yet. But I don't know if I have recourse not to pay. Any help or...