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  • Nestor,

    I wanted to say thanks for your information about the exposed beams that I mentioned. You've really saved me a lot of headache and potential trial and error it would have taken to solve the issue. Very, very much appreciative of you taking the time to walk me through the solution.
    Hi there,

    I just saw your message about _not_ using _interior_ paint for the walls of a three-season porch, AFTER I've primed the room with two coats of interior primer! :(

    Hopefully you can give me some advice as to what I should do next. Do I prime again with a exterior primer? I also primed the ceiling.

    I live in Chicago, IL.

    Any advice you can provide would be appreciated!
    NK: a dried out motor may or may not work again. If water saturates the motor winding insulation, shorting turns, it won't. If its lubricants are washed out, there's another issue. I have, however, used relays after a stock of them were under water for days. A TV set was submerged for two days and except for replacing its power transformer (shorted turns) I restored it to operation. It depends. Regards, Locknut
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