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    There's lawn in my thistle!! Help

    Every spring you see the masses flock to the garden centers buying grass seed and fertilizer. Fall is the time if year here in the mid-south to make changes to lawn care. Like Sparky said, summer heat will waste most of the spring progress.
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    Vents only work if you have an unrestricted area for air flow. Attics need to have intake (lower) and exhaust (upper) to create a chimney effect. An engine has an intake and exhaust manifold, compromise either and the motor won't run or runs inefficiently. Same for a roof structure. Do you have...
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    Roof got soaked after they stripped shingles

    Do not pay them until you are satisfied that the shingles lay flat and there's not water damage.
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    Roof got soaked after they stripped shingles

    The wood decking will dry out. You have air circulation underneath. Did you have any interior damage to the house from water? I'd be more than a little upset.
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    replacing two rotten 6x8 sills under a 4x4 post.

    Nicely done sir!
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    New Member

    :welcome: to House Repair Talk!
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    Before you do any repair, I'd make sure to correct the issue that caused the rot in the first place.
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    Best way to repair rafter ends

    A framing nailgun will be your friend for this repair, a lot less banging in a tight space.
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    Fixable tap handle?

    There should be a cap, cover or set screw somewhere on the handle. Look for a cap on the top, center.
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    What did you do today?

    You forgot to attach the picture...🤔
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    Cast Iron Sewer Pipe question

    Cut out the bad sections, replace with pvc and use Fernco fittings to mate the cast iron to the pvc. PVC comes in 10' sections.
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    Does my yard need professional care?

    Fall is the time of year to plug the yard and overseed the yard. Grass sets its root system during the cooler months. You can try weed control, but, summer heat will stop grass growth.
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    If your luck is anything like mine, the AC fails on the hottest day and the furnace goes on the coldest.
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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    Get a couple more quotes from other installers. Just my 2 cents.
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    What siding is this?

    It looks like Dryvit.