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    What did you do today?

    Get a live trap and introduce them to a new zipcode.
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    Am I doing this right?

    How many drywall blades do you have? 6-9-12 work well. Start with the 6, sand, 9 sand 12 to finish. The smoother you get it when applying the drywall mud, the easier it is to finish.
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    Stairs above stair

    Nicely done, turned put great. Now, all you need to do is paint a door and door frame on the wall, screw on an old doorknob and have a great conversation piece.
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    Basement walls not 16 or 24 inch centres

    Cutting the drywall will be much easier than removing the vapor barrier, insulation and moving the studs. It will require more material.
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    Basement drain flood

    What type of "snake" did he use? I've had better luck with a water jet than a metal mechanical snake.
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    Sewer drain replacement

    I'm fixing to do the exact same thing soon.
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    Is there a way to troubleshoot/fix these LED rope lights?

    I have several strands of those that we use when we go camping to make a perimeter around the campsite. Make sure you have the plug in the correct orientation. There should be 2 pins in the plug that are slightly offset.
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    What did you do today?

    Too bad inspectorD isn't hanging around anymore. He used to run syrup lines in the fall.
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    Feeling dupped and trying to recover

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    Feeling dupped and trying to recover

    I've been to many houses over the years that have been spray foamed, it's always done on the underneath side of the roof deck. They should have installed ducting into the attic to condition the space. There's a good chance your HVAC unit is undersized to account for the additional demand if...
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    What's an inexpensive but presentable way to pad a concrete basement floor for a home gym?

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    No corona virus thread???

    Well let this topic stand as long as it's kept civil.
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    Water leaking through Garage walls and door. Who should I contact to fix this?

    Can you post some pictures of the exterior?
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    Happy New Year-Welcome Year 2021

    Happy New Year y'all!
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    No corona virus thread???

    But, which of the ," scientists" are we suppose to follow? Seems they don't agree.