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    Wet-Dry Vacuum Prefilter

    Anyone ever used one? Will it improve my filter life or make cleaning the 'true filter' easier?
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    Major buyer's remorse, sick to my stomach, looking for advise

    Its only money... think about explaining your problem to someone who lives in a 3rd world country. Recall that anyone who makes $30k per year is in the top 10% of earners worldwide. yes, I think that may be inflated, maybe $30k per yr is the top 20%, but if you own your own home in Phoenix...
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    Copper water supply failure at a tight spot...

    I agree. I re-ran my bathrooms in pex. I should probably break down and just do the whole house... Should I stub out through the drywall or can I just leave the drywall open? For my bathrooms, which I re-ran in pex, I used drop-ears to convert to pipe. I don't plan to do that here and I...
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    Copper water supply failure at a tight spot...

    I have an 80 yo house and I currently have a leak in a copper elbow fitting - in red - that is adjacent to a Tee fitting that supplies the dishwasher. Question: How to mount the pex valves? Feel free to answer any questions that I've failed to identify as questions (tic). I plan to cutoff the...
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    Cast iron drain: is the pipe or the joint more likely to fail?

    I appreciate your advise. The floor is not quite that open... I have access to about 5' of pipe next to the floor drain, the rest of the pipe is still resting comfortably under my slab and ~18" of clay and rock. I can open about 8' while tunneling under a wall to get to a down-pipe from a...
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    Leveling subfloor for hardwood

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    Cast iron drain: is the pipe or the joint more likely to fail?

    So are you suggesting that while I have a portion of the basement slab open, I should replace all of the old cast iron pipe?
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    Cast iron drain: is the pipe or the joint more likely to fail?

    I had to replace the trap in my basement floor drain. While I'm there I need to replace at least some portion of the cast iron pipe. Is a pipe or a joint more likely to fail? Or is it a toss-up? Should I leave an old joint or make effort to replace it? Since it is against a Y, I'd have to take...
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    Fence Post Twisted

    Above pic is face-on. Other pics try to show angle via overhead view. The last pic shows the a board perpendicular to the post at the bottom and one perpendicular to the top of the post hit my house 6 inches apart over 4 ft. That gives me a calculated angle of 7.7 degrees. I swear that they...
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    Fence Post Twisted

    I'm installing a 6ft tall fence. I placed a double post (two pressure treated 4x4s) at the end of the fence row to provide a more stable mount for the gate. But the dual 4x4s twisted about 5 degrees from the bottom (which is perpendicular to the fence line) to the top (now at a 5 deg angle to...
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    6x6 posts to uneven concrete footing

    I also like the stability of the buried post, I plan to pack the 26" from the top of the footing to ground level in gravel. Thank you EVERYONE! Be safe.
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    6x6 posts to uneven concrete footing

    I appreciate your input. Post saver has a product that seals out water and oxygen over the ~10" from 2" above to 8" below surface level. The idea being that you have to have sufficient oxygen for rot. What do you think of the Brackets that I have in the Simpson Strong-Tie galvanized...
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    6x6 posts to uneven concrete footing

    So my brother's deck wasn't near to meeting code. So I dug footings to code (40" below grade, 26x26") and told him to pour 13" of concrete with L- bolts where we wanted to place the posts so that we could attach via galvanized mounting brackets. However, the surface of the concrete is not...
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    Quarantine projects

    I'm replacing my old fence with a shadowbox cedar design. It's only 150ft long, but I've got a lot of stained cedar boards throughout my house right now.
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    Identifying leak source

    You might ask some neighbors to recommend a roofer. I have a guy. Jason is the best. Really good work and its cheap. Like half the price of the other estimates. Yeah, maybe he's screwing my wife... but the roof don't leak.