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  • I have been looking on this site for help running wire from the power box at curb to house meter. I have seen some of you other post and this leads me to believe that you could help. We recently had a house built and we have power lines that run underground. I was wondering what kind of wire would we need and do you know how deep the wires have to be? Or any place I might be able to get this info thanks so much.
    Replacing 2 prong outlet + wires might have been switched
    I recently changed a two prong outlet to a three prong. I am going to get GFI today and switch it out after reading online that it was not well advised just to replace the two prong outlet with 3 prong. I think when I hooked up the outlet I may have switched the hot wire and the neutral wire. Is this something that needs to be fixed immediately. Also how can I tell which wire is the hot wire. I assume it's the black one but the wires are old Knob and Tube so I am second guessing myself. Is it possible a black wire could be the neutral. Power should run regardless how its hooked up , even if I did switch the wires and incorrectly connect, right?

    Also why can't you replace 2 prong outlets with 3 Prong. What's the reasoning?
    Hey Petey,
    I have seen a few of your post and had an electrical question for you. I have a 220 water heater and am considering switching to a tankless. The ones I have been looking at require 3 40Amp breakers. I will need to run new circuit since my current wiring is not capable. I have an open crawlspace. What type wire should I run? Armored or not? Gauge? I will have to run perpendicular to the joists? Should I drill the joists or just fasten the wire to the bottom.
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