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    After Removing Wallpaper, What to do about glue leftovers?

    Hot water with a little bit of vinegar.This works for us here.
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    floor molding

    I think that would do, just ask for a carpenter's help so the aseembly would fit in.
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    Roof / Attic Mold

    The best thing would be have a good ventilation in that area. Although it would a bit easy to take out the mold, the problem would be how to totally eradicate them since they would grow again with the presence of moisture.
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    Mildew On Aluminium Siding

    If you are friends with your neighbor, you could politely ask them to cut part of the bushes that comes your house. It would be most effective to cut the cause of your problems and that is the tree.
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    I hate using chemicals

    Great info you got there Nelson!
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    I hate using chemicals

    What specifically do you want to clean? For refrigerators, tiles flooring, bathroom you could use a mixture of vinegar and water then soap and rinse with water. You could also try scrubbing a blemish area with baking soda. Would think of more and would post it here.
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    First, check if you have allergies on both the molds and its cleaning products. You said its coming back, hence its either you didn't totally clean it up or there is a leak near that area. If you prefer cleaning it alone, try soap and water; vinegar and water solution or bleach in water. If its...
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    Cleaning products for allergies

    We prefer Zonrox bleach here at home and though I have a bad allergies on chemicals, this one seem to be exempted from those. You could try what's inside your kitchen, baking soda and vinegar. But this will surely take you more hours of cleaning...
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    Baking Soda?

    Try putting coal in a cup inside the refrigerator. This will suck the foul smell inside your ref. I also use baking soda once in a while but this thing seems to lose its absorbing power by one day only. Coal is more effective. If you really want to use baking soda, I bet its meant to be use for...
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    Help me in gardening!

    ^that's nice to hear Cogarageman.I love bonsai too and given the luxury of time I want to experiment on doing bonsai on normal trees like "guyabano and dalanghita" which are both natives here in my country.
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    Help me in gardening!

    Have you checked in the nearby nurseries. You can also try bonsai too. Its rare and all but once it grows it is very fulfilling. You can google how to grow this things in your area since this needs a lot of sunshine.
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    Cleaning marble tile floor

    First, I believe the cloudy things can be attributed to a lot of people using that area. There are costly machines that can do the trick, but I think simple everyday polishing would do the trick. It will eventually fade away with simple polisher and wax.
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    I got ants at the office.

    I have tried using overstocked perfumes and cologne in one area of our house with lots of sugar ants and I'd say that this things really work. You can also try vinegar to spray on the wall.
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    Mold Removal/Remediation

    Its been over a year and I just wanted to say that removing molds nowadays can be a DIY thing as long as you know the safety precautions.Kindly check my signature.