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    Kitchen Cabinet repainting

    Use 100 grit or finer sand paper. Holding the paper in your hand can give an uneven result and is a lot of work. A sanding block to hold the paper is easier and gives a better finish. A sanding sponge works well for curved surfaces.
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    Need a good HVAC Recommendation

    What Sparky said - I had a good independent repair tech (Steve) who did not do new system installation and he kept my system running for 29 years. It reached a point last year where the system had an issue and he recommended that it was time to replace instead of repair. The first time I used...
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    Concrete/cement ratios

    Bud, you are correct. For maximum strength, the water added to the mix should be no more than necessary for the chemical reaction - but that is a very "dry" mix and harder to work than a "wet" mix. Any water added beyond the chemically necessary amount results in excess void space. That space is...
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    A ir Filter Quality

    Anticipating wildfire season here in CA, I plan to make a pair of home air filtration units, each consisting of a box fan and five 5" thick filters. I would like to keep the cost down but don't want to get a MERV 13 filter that is low cost because it is actually only filters to MERV 8. Also, I...
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    Concrete/cement ratios

    There is no "right" mix for concrete - the mix to use depends on your purpose. For high compressive strength, use enough gravel to have continuous stone-to-stone contact. For concrete dams, each lift of concrete is rolled (and I assume vibrated) with a heavy compactor. The amount of water added...
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    raising concrete slab in a tight spot

    I have no ideas on how that might be done.
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    raising concrete slab in a tight spot

    Assuming the settlement has stopped, you now have a stable system. If your repair adds more weight onto the slab the soil might consolidate further. Preventing water from getting in should reduce - and possibly eliminate - further consolidation. Supporting the outside of the brick wall might...
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    OK to use highest rated filter?

    Good info guys. Thanks.
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    raising concrete slab in a tight spot

    Are you sure the floor was originally fully supported by the slab? 5-inch settlement across a 15-foot span is huge. It seems unlikely a 4" residential slab could have that much settlement without major cracking - do you see evidence of that? If you are sure the soil settled do you know why part...
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    OK to use highest rated filter?

    We had a new Bryant HVAC system installed last summer. In response to an email, the installation company owner told me it is OK to use any FPR/MERF rated filter - but it came with only a moderatly rated filter. I would like to use MERV 10 filters but am concerned they would put extra stress on...
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    paint ext house questions

    "Best" depends on the specific situation. Overall, I am a big fan of Dap's Alex Fast Dry. It is paintable in 20 minutes and -best of all - you can sand it. The container doesn't say that but works really well.
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    Handyman or Plumbing Contractor?

    I need to replace a secton of my water main (copper pipe) that has a leak. I patched the leak but don't want to learn copper braising on something this important so I plan to hire it done. I am sure this is well within the skill set of many professional handymen but have never before hired...
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    Unsupported sill plate and a stupid engineer

    Some Thoughts: Examining the interior side of the foundation from under the subfloor can tell you a lot about its condition. If there is no evidence of structural distress, foundation settlement is not the problem. A laser level can show high and low spots. For a house that age a less than...
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    Leveled toilet now leaking

    Time will tell - hope you are wrong.
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    Leveled toilet now leaking

    BTW, the final shims I used were cut from playing cards so I was able to get that sucker dead level.