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    No corona virus thread???

    Havasu is making what is known as an "argument from personal incredulity." He personally, as a person with no relevant expertise, does not understand why a cloth mask might help, therefore he concludes they likely don't help - regardless of expert opinion. I am not an expert but off the top of...
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    closed cell foam insulation?

    That sounds very do-able! Thanks for the tip.
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    closed cell foam insulation?

    Brook, I don't have any suggestions for your issue - but hope you can help with mine. My 70 y.o. house (in Dixon, not that far east from you) also has redwood V-lap siding that I got started restoring this past summer and will finnish when the weather warms up. The primary issues I have faced...
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    DIY’er - redoing baseboards found black mold

    I disagree with getting the mold tested. I did a lot of research on this about 10 years ago when a pest control inspection found a small amount of mold in my mother's house. A mold species that affects my health may have no affect on you - and vice versa. The bottom line is that ALL mold should...
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    Water Seeping Through Cinderblock Walls

    Jeff is right about pressure on the wall. If the full height of soil against the wall is saturated, pressure on the wall is effectively the same whether or not water is coming through the wall at any level. Bob R recommended excavating to 18-24 inches below the foundation. That is a very...
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    Does this light need to be grounded?

    Afjes, I had never heard of grounding at the cable clamp; that is great info and I will check it out - thanks! K, I don't know the year this house was built, maybe 70s, but it does not have GFCI receptacles and the breakers are not GFCI.
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    Does this light need to be grounded?

    Thanks Bud. I am replacing a light fixture over the washing machine with one that has a receptacle, where I will plug in the new light, but found that box is not grounded. The switch for the existing light will also control the new one so there will be no need to touch the light body or a pull...
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    Quick (and probably dumb) question about wiring a new overhead light & switch with new wire........

    Vyacheslav, the configuration Bud describes is exactly the original wiring for a light in the garage of my 70 y.o. house. It was just dumb luck that I did not kill myself when I reconfigured the wiring. That was 30 years ago and since then I never work on wiring without turning off the circuit...
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    Does this light need to be grounded?

    The LED shop light I bought to hang in my mother-in-law's garage has a three-prong plug but receptacles in her house are not grounded. If this was an incandescent fixture I would think nothing of using an adapter to connect it without ground. Is that OK for an LED light?
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    How strong is a castle joint?

    If I were doing that castle joint I could be confident the fit would be sloppy. My solution would be to glue the joint with epoxy. That way even the side-grain to end-grain part of the joint (bottom of rail to upper surface of leg) would be as strong as the wood. A few weeks ago I tested and...
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    No corona virus thread???

    Bud, Mississippi's death certificate procedures explain why the death certificate of someone who came in with a heart attack would include Covid: COVID-19 Death Reporting: Questions and Answers for Medical Examiners, Coroners and Physicians - Mississippi State Department of Health Krich...
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    Cutting out rock in a basement

    Also, look to see if there are existing fractures or other planes of weakness. Flow banding or foliation (if partly metamorphosed), or basically anything else that kind of looks like lines in the rock, can be planes of weakness that will be easier to break.
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    Cutting out rock in a basement

    Bits and blades capable of cutting fresh granite are not cheap, but you only need a few to get started and gauge how much time/expense the job might take. Be sure to use either wet tools or wear a respirator - silicosis is no joke.
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    No corona virus thread???

    Krich, If a person with diabetes is admitted to the hospital with Covid and dies, it is the Covid that killed them, not the disease they have lived with for years and likely would have continued living with for years more. If there are so few true Covid deaths, why is El Paso using refrigerator...
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    Radon testing for a beam-on-pier ranch?!

    I don't recall the specifics, but where you are makes a huge difference in whether or not radon might be a problem. Here in Sacramento valley with a couple miles of sediment under my feet it is never an issue. I house built above igneous rock might have a high potential. Local building dept...