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    Seismic Retrofit while Underpinning vs Underpinning for Heavy Traffic

    In the past 20 years, the largest OK earthquake was 5.8 which doesn't seem like much to get excited about (discounting New Madrid activity). Based on 8 years as an engineering geologist, 22 years related to foundation construction, I think you should talk to a geotechnical engineer before the...
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    Table saw missing riving knife/blade guard

    Your replacement riving knife does not need to be metal. Much easier and cheaper to make one from wood:
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    Pipe Liner ???

    I have only heard of this for pipes larger than anything residential.
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    Problems with new driveway (crack)

    If that contractor is still in business, give him a Yelp review. Great work deserves accolades.
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    Problems with new driveway (crack)

    Not specifically relevant to this thread, but as general info regarding concrete work: The early part of my career was mostly writing soil engineering reports for residential construction and our work occasionally included investigating the cause of failed slabs in existing houses. Every one of...
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    Flat roof repair

    Nobes, my post you commented on is over 2 years old. You are much more likely to get responses if you start a new thread. Pictures are also much more likely to garner responses. Imperial units would too.
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    I am very happy to hear you think my solution will work. I went ahead with it because: a) I was under time pressure to make the bathroom usable; b) even if it doesn't flush well, it likely buys me a year or more; and c) it is really easy to remove and start over. I considered this option but...
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    Soaked it a couple times over two days ... ... but nothing budged. No doubt in part because the cramped area limited my leverage and the size of tool I could use (I have a 24-inch pipe wrench I have never used. If only I had known this was going to be a problem before ai installed the vanity)...
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    My version of a trap will not doubt have trouble sooner than a standard one but replacing one of the elbows with something like the sediment filter I showed should improve it substantially and make it easier to clean. I saturated that nut with penetrating oil and tapped on it with a hammer...
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    Snoonyb, my computer shows I did post in the plumbing forum - is that not where you see it? I had never heard of a sediment jar but I presume something like the one below is what you have in mind. When it becomes necessary to clean the trap, I can simply replace an elbow with one of these...
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    Here is the solution I came up with. I didn't want the deep trap that would have resulted from using the J trap shown in the 2nd of my original photos. Instead, I used two elbows, an extension tube, and an extender on the tail piece to turn everything under the sink into one big trap. it is...
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    How do I connect sink tail piece to drain pipe?

    Snoonby, thanks for the reply. If you look at my first photo, the problem is that elbow at the drain pipe which the trap is attached to in the second photo. I am worried that 70+ years of rust, corrosion, etc. could cause problems if I remove the elbow. So the question is, how do I make this...