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    Hello, I would like to try to duplicate the way that you set up the light switch for in the closet in your basement. It sounds like a really nice way to achieve the desired outcome. Could you tell me what magnetic switch and relay you used to set up the "closet" switch. Also do you have any pictures? Thanks rgrant1741 at aol.com

    Thanks for the welcome note. I'd appreciate it if you'd get me and your friend with the Ford Home in contact with each other... that is if he doesn't mind. I've only just moved in here a few months ago and with it being winter and all haven't meet that many other owners. I'm just about to write a letter to all the other owners in the neighborhood with the same style as me and see if any are open to letting me have a look at their house.


    My name is Jeff

    Your friend can e-mail me at jaw.williamson that's a "gmail.com" address.
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