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    Fix or replace? Mansfield Toilet Flush Valve - Fix!

    Hmmm. looking for / pondering parts, well 30 min+/- But for others on this forum it will be presumably be *quicker* since they know what to get at an ace hardware store. That's why I gave specific directions and parts. This is the DIY forum; folks have drills and dremels, no? The whole thing...
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    Fix or replace? Mansfield Toilet Flush Valve - Fix!

    I have once again come across a frustrating happenstance, where an older household item eventually needs some sort of repair, only to find that it is nearly impossible to find a *simple* replacement part and thus one must do a near or total replacement of an item for want of a painfully simple...
  3. Fv Norm

    Fv Norm

    bottom of flush valve - normal look
  4. Fv Worn

    Fv Worn

    bottom of flush valve - prongs worn out
  5. Manfield


    Flush Valve assembly
  6. Tube N Stopper

    Tube N Stopper

    Rubber Stopper with Plastic tube attached
  7. Fv Dremeled

    Fv Dremeled

    bottom of flush valve after dremeling off prongs
  8. Stopper


    one hole rubber stopper
  9. Mansfield Toilet

    Mansfield Toilet

    Toilet parts and how to fix
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    Just because I hate hanging posts, I am following up to close this thread. my Effikal RVGP-KS-6BKF FLUE Damper had, as far as the folks at Field Controls were concerned, a bad circuit board, I expressed my concern about replacing the device it it were possible that it could be some other...
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    thanks Bud was hoping there might be a link to a schematic here. google has been disappointing, so hard to figure out what does what on the unit. Just want to make sure its not --something else-- before I buy a new unit.
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    Is that it guys? No one here can offer any help? :(
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    as stated in the third paragraph, i did that... so looking for other ways to troubleshoot and hopefully fix
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    it closes and opens via the motor
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    I have an Effikal RVGP-KS-6BKF FLUE Damper on my heating system. With the cold snap, I noticed that the house was not heating above 66. what I discovered was that the damper was open. I disengaged the motor, and was able to manually close the damper. I reattached the motor, and when the...