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  1. T

    Clicking switch flashing lights

    I turned off my power in my kitchen to install a light. When I turned it back on another fixture was flashing. Once every second all lights flash on and off in unison. Meanwhile there a loud clicking sound from the light switch. There’s a little breaker below the switch that I pulled out to make...
  2. brewer55

    Ceiling fan - light switch issue

    Whoever originally wired the ceiling fan in one of our bedrooms did not wire it properly. There are 2 switches on the wall. The first one operates the fan; the 2nd one operates the light on the fan. Problem: I have to throw both switches for the light to work. If the fan switch is not on, the...
  3. R

    Current capacity of wire

    Hi Everyone, I have a wire similar to on image below: its rating is 14/76. I assume that it has 14 strands of 0.0076 inch diameter wire. What could be current capacity of this wire? is there any formula to calculate it? thanks
  4. S

    Outlet not working, large switch tripped but not individual switch

    Hi guys, Hope you have time to answer a question please. I have a 3 floor townhouse. in the third floor bathroom an outlet is not working. i had a heater going in there. probably not a good idea. The outlet went out. Its a new outlet installed by a pro about a month ago when I had something...
  5. E

    Hard Wiring Existing dishwasher

    Hello, When I bought the home all new appliances had been installed. Well it looks like the dishwasher was partially installed. From what I can tell they stripped the plug from the cord exposing the wiring. It looks pretty simple to me, white to white, black to black, but I want to make sure...
  6. H

    Entrance wiring

    Hello all - I’m in the process of rewiring an old cabin and updating the entry service. I’m going more than 6 feet in the house and therefore am required to have a shut off switch outside. The wiring between the meter base and shut off seem straight forward but I’m required to use a cable with 4...
  7. MrsStark

    Needing advice on Bathroom door maze

    Hi Everyone!! I’m needing advice on what my options are for a Bathroom with a SUPER inconveniently placed, but essential, door. The Bathroom has the problem-door, the North door, that leads into the Master Bedroom, and another, the East door, that leads into the hall. Seeing as the door in...
  8. T

    2-pole 100 amp circuit breaker

    Hi, I have a 2-pole 100 amp circuit breaker in my panel that is not labeled, what could this possibly be for? I know that my dryer and range oven and microwave are separate breakers. Must be for AC unit, how many breakers does AC take? I have other high amp 2 poles that are not labeled.
  9. M

    Attic Reno Wiring Advice needed

    Hi, my husband and I are working on an attic rennovation and we plan to do the work ourselves, and cannot afford an electrician. We've done some basic electrical before and are reasonably confident, but I'm hoping for some advice from those who are more experienced before we get started. So...