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  1. B

    Garage Insulation Question

    Hello, I have a 2 stall attached garage that I would like to insulate. I would be insulating all the walls and ceiling and installing a mini split for heating and cooling. There will be an attic area above the ceiling, and this is what my question is, this area will be sealed off from the...
  2. K

    Help me salvage my garage roof

    In a perfect world I would pay someone to demolish my garage and start from scratch, but trying to work with what I have is the only sensible option for me. The roof is bad leaks like crazy. The solution there will be replacing the metal/plastic corrugated sheeting that is currently...
  3. S

    Garage Sub-panel Wiring Confusion - Please Help?

    Hello all – I’m looking for some clarification on wiring my newly-built detached garage. At the outset, I’ll say I am not a complete novice with electrical, as I wired half of my house myself and installed an automatic standby generator myself as well. I’ve done a lot of minor electric work...
  4. E

    Steps to Finishing Garage DYI - Bayarea Climate

    I finally have a garage to make an art studio in and I want to plant to finish it myself. First I plan on revamping electrical to put in decent outlets for the work table. My main questions is whether or not I should install insulation behind drywall or not. And if yes, what kind. I dont like...
  5. Frank

    New concrete or not

    I have a sloped concrete drive that enters into the garage/shop. I got the house and it's been abandoned for a long time but I am having a few issues. I went to put anchor bolts in and it's not lining up level and if I do get it level, the garage is on the edge (actually hanging over the...
  6. P

    Power Plus iii - Door Reverse?

    I was wondering if the Sears Craftsman Power Plus iii Garage Door Opener can have an infared sensor hooked up to it to reverse the door closing? I can't decipher it from the technical specs...also, would I need a particular brand or any vendor make will work?
  7. R

    Need help!

    We just had a new AC unit installed about 4 months ago. I noticed a small line forming about a week after the AC guys left. Now it has turned into this! We have noticed more settling noises in the house than usual, especially on the left side of the house (garage is on the right side). What do...