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Apr 15, 2018
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We just had a new AC unit installed about 4 months ago. I noticed a small line forming about a week after the AC guys left. Now it has turned into this! We have noticed more settling noises in the house than usual, especially on the left side of the house (garage is on the right side). What do we do to fix this? Also are we safe staying in this house? Any help would be nice, thanks.

Is this a pic of the ceiling? Is the A/C unit in the attic? Is it wet? We need more information to be able to help you.
Yes,it's the ceiling in the middle of the garage. The A/C unit is in the attic (not above the crack). Its not wet or anything, and its the only spot like this in the house.
I think Ripxtoxic might be right. It's entirely possible that when the AC people were climbing in the attic that they put pressure on a spot that caused the ceiling to start cracking.
I would do as some other people have suggested and ask the air conditioner guys to come back to your home and fix this issue.
If the attic access was not framed correctly you can't fault the service people. Can you tale a picture if that from above showing the framing of the ceiling joists around the access.
Might want to suck it up and repair it yourself. The A/C guys aren't going to do anything about it and if they did, I wouldn't want them to because it's not their trade and would not be fixed correctly.

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