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  1. J

    Painting over exterior semi gloss paint.

    Hello. Need to repaint my fascia which presently has semi-gloss paint on it. I've already scrapped it. I know I should clean the fascia and I've read that I should sand down the paint on it now so the new semi gloss paint will adhere better. I understand that. But what I'd like to know is...
  2. sfimirat

    Paint or Vinyl on Furniture and Wooden Sculptures: Which Is Better?

    I posted in another thread about wood crystal sculptures. I haven't yet been able to find the exact sucltpures I was looking for but I noticed that many of the wooden crystal sculptures are painted and show the grain through the paint. I believe I have seen others that use vinyl film that gives...
  3. neverold

    Ceiling paint

    Yesterday I scraped popcorn ceilings off in my bedroom. Wondering what type of paint I need to use now. Can I use general purpose interior wall paint for painting ceilings? I've got a couple of cans in the basement. Or ceiling paint is a must here? By the way, what brand do you recommend? Thanks.