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  1. D

    Fog horn sound sometimes when water drawn. Please Help!

    I have a 4.5 year old home with a tankless water heater in my crawl space. The past couple of weeks I have noticed that all of the sudden I am randomly hearing a fog horn sound from my crawl space. It happens randomly when a sink is turned on, washing machine on, toilet flushed ect. It doesn’t...
  2. P

    Water dripping on basement

    About a month ago I noticed water dripping on the basement floor from under the first floor bathroom. I thought it was the old 1980s toilet’s fault and went ahead and replaced it. I noticed the water dripping again and called a professional to reset the toilet. He confirmed there’s no water...
  3. D

    Waterproofing Suggestions

    Hey Guys, I'm having water leaking issues in my basement, specifically in one corner, but a couple other spots are worrisome as well. I'm wondering what you guys suggest; excavating and sealing the foundation wall down to the footer on the exterior or putting in a drain tile system. The side...
  4. Shadow_owl

    Possible Slab leak?

    Since buying our house last year, water seems to be the thing that’s giving us the most difficulty. Right now, there are two major issues we’re dealing with - one of them I’m asking about here, the other I’ll make a separate post for. The biggest issue right now is determining if we might...