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    Can I bury concrete walk to regrade lawn?

    In our back yard, we have a concrete sidewalk along two walls of our brick garage. The garage is on a slab. The sidewalk is tilted towards the wall so water accumulates at the base of the garage walls after a heavy rain. On top of this, the lawn next to the walkway needs to be regraded. We...
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    Waterproofing Suggestions

    Hey Guys, I'm having water leaking issues in my basement, specifically in one corner, but a couple other spots are worrisome as well. I'm wondering what you guys suggest; excavating and sealing the foundation wall down to the footer on the exterior or putting in a drain tile system. The side...
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    Concrete to fix water issue

    Hi, I have been getting water into my basement for some time now. It comes from the wall that runs along the side of my driveway. I tried grading away from the house, but that didn't work. I get water in the basement from pretty standard rains when its been raining all day or even short heavy...