A couple of questions around installing a new meter socket.

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Oct 30, 2016
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Working on a new project and I'm thinking about doing the install of the new service equipment myself (would be inspected by a UL inspector prior to connection), there are just a couple of things I'm not really clear on. By way of background this will be a 200A Service in New York on an existing structure and main breaker panel will be on the interior adjacent to the the meter socket. All wire will be jacketed 4/0 AL.

1. What's the best way to flash the entry point into the house?
2. Assuming code doesn't matter (and it very well may) is it better to have a rigid mast with a weatherhead or run the jacketed cable up the side of the house
3. I was planning on using a short bit of conduit through the wall and then just having the jacketed 4/0 AL to the main breaker, but is it preferable to try to conduit the whole thing (I imagine those bends wont be fun).
In my area, a Weatherhead is mandatory, unless you have an underground feed. Your best bet is to consult with a licensed electrician.
Sorry, for clarity I was asking about the rigid mast (i.e. is it preferable to put the jacketed cable in conduit or does it not really matter), it will have a weatherhead either way.

I would highly suggest you get the answers about using a mast or exposed sheathed cable on the outside of the house from the inspector. They actually like being consulted first. This lets them know you are going to go by code and not only NEC code but their local codes.

It is not up to us as to whether you should run a mast or not; we can give you preferences, but we won't know your local codes. You don't want to go the wrong way just to find out you have to rip it all out and start fresh when you fail the inspection.

Also, it may be required that you place a disconnect of the service after the meter but before it enters the house.

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