Adding a roof for deck to an overhang?

Discussion in 'Decks & Patios' started by brainfreeze, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I am planning on adding a permanent roof attached to my house over an existing second floor deck. I was planning on attaching the roof to a second floor wall that has a 24” overhang (bump out) from the floor below, but I am not sure if this is against code. I have been searching far and wide over the internet, but I have not found anyone who has the same situation. I'm sure that it is a relatively common problem. I found that it is against code to attach the ledger board for a deck to an overhang, so I assume it would be against code to attach a roof to an overhang as well.

    I would like to avoid making a free standing roof, because it would add poles in very undesirable places, and extra stress to the deck if it has to support the full weight of the roof as well Can anyone give me any ideas on how to go about doing this?

    Also, the deck underneath has only three 6” x 6” poles set 13' from the house. The total width of the deck is 16'. This 13' span may have been according to code for a simple deck, but will I need more support if I place a roof over the deck as well? I'm planning on placing the main support poles for the roof directly above the existing poles for the deck.

    I tried to pictures to help illustrate the problem better. Hopefully it worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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