Asbestos under wood tiles?

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Apr 1, 2019
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Hey everyone. So I was helping a friend dig up an old wooden parquet style floor in a foreclose he bought. The house was built in 1966. While digging up the wood panels a lot of dust was in the air, and thinking it was just concrete I didn't have a ventilator. Does anyone know if they use to put asbestos in the type of adhesive used back then for wood panels floors?
The dust is 60 years of dust getting thru the floor, any of the mastic style glues with or with out asbestos would be really difficult to turn to dust.
I think health problems related to asbestos is more to do with working around it for years, then for a few days. While it's certainly not good for your health to be breathing any asbestos in. I think the really serious health problems related to it come for extended exposure, often years.
Yes, they were sometimes put down with cutback and it can turn to powder.