Bacon renovates a house.

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    My name is Bryan (Bacon is my dog) and this is my first renovation.

    The house is a 2 story, 1700 sq ft that most resembles a Colonial brand of building. It's previous owners lived like no person should ever live. It's amazing they didn't die of some new disease...filthy.

    Myself and a few family members will be doing most of the work, but we'll be contracting out the well installation (previous owners were on a shared well) and septic repair (not sure what the problem is yet).

    Work completed:
    Carpets are out
    Cabinets are out
    Trees are out (obstructing well lines and growing into leach lines)

    Here is a video of hole we put in the front yard while removing a stump. It sucked. It sucked a lot.

    WARNING: Video contains a bad word. Sorry. Stumps bring out the sailor in me.

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    This weekend we'll be clearing the rest of the property, which includes an old shed, an overhang built by people who don't know how to build overhangs, a dog run and one last tree. There will be pictures.

    I hope to learn a great deal from everyone here.


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