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Jul 2, 2007
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Long story short, we decided to buy a resin shed (Lifetime shed 8x10). I have a concrete slab that was poured a few years ago on the side of the house (12x24). Originally I was going to put the entire shed on the concrete slab but now I want to reserve the space for a full truck to park just in case.

Besides pouring more concrete, I am thinking of putting gravel/sand for an extension. I like to extend 8x4 (as I can only go 4 ft back since its a weird triangle shape). We normally wash our pools stuff at that location so gravel/sand there would be good for drainage.

Need advice. How can I make it work that I have a level base extension and not have any sand runoff to the concrete slab. Maybe pavers over sand/gravel?

I mean washing stuff in general. Never mind this post. I will just pour concrete for that 32 sq ft.