Brand new Rheem 3ton compressor randomly creates buzzing/vibrating noise.

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Apr 25, 2020
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I had a brand new Rheem AC installed on Feb 29th that works great most of the time. Sometimes when it kicks on, the compressor makes a vibrating or humming noise. I'm pretty certain that when this occurs, the AC is not cooling. All I do is turn the AC off (via Nest thermostat) then back on again and it runs and cools as expected.

The company that installed it has been out a few times, but since all I can show them is a video of the issue (this hasn't occurred while they were here) they say there's not much they can do. I'm hoping maybe someone else has seen this issue and may know what it could be or how to troubleshoot.

This site doesn't allow me to post video to demonstrate the sound the compressor is making. If you have any recommendations please let me know or if you have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this the next time it happens that would be great. Appreciate any help in advance! Thank you.

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