Ceramic/porcelain drill bits in drill vs hammer drill

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Apr 29, 2009
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I was attempting to install a tp holder today thru a ceramic tile and it took FOREVER. I used a brand new bit but it was with a 20v cordless drill. The package said it was for a hammer drill. Does it really make that much difference? I probably just answered my own question lol I was a little concerned about using a hammer drill because I'm drilling right next to existing holes and was afraid of creating one large hole.

I finally made the four holes but i'm afraid to go bigger because of what I just mentioned. The plastic anchors are still slightly too big to fit. Is there a way to use the screws provided with the holder but use something other than the provided anchors?
Carpenters, for decades, have as a common practice applied some adhesive to slivers of wood, IE, toothpicks and inserted them as anchors.
Ok I'll give it a try. Would it be overkill to first spray foam inside the cavity then stick the toothpicks into the dried foam?
spend a few cents and purchase the correct size anchor
I was able to find a smaller anchor even though only half would fit in the hole, after cutting off the proud part of the anchor, it all fit together nicely.
A hammer drill is one of those tools you never knew how much you needed one until you buy one. I have a corded one. A good cordless one is pretty pricey. You can pick up a good corded one for $100, a good cordless will run 2.5x that. I haven't run into a situation where I needed a hammer drill that I couldn't get 120VAC nearby.