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Mar 27, 2024
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Hi all,

I'm halfway done with the roof I'm building to cover the second-floor balcony. The balcony capacity was discussed in this thread (link).

I would appreciate any feedback on the structure I recorded in the attached video.

I plan to add 4x4 posts on both sides with knee braces to add one more connection between the short and long posts. I also need to add rafters on top and PVC sheets.

For the knee braces, I used 8-inch TimberLok screws. The rest is connected with Simpson accent angles and 3 1/2 inch structural screws.

The longest 2x4s are glued and screwed with Simpson structural screws.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get strata permission to drill into the house or the balcony, so I came up with this structure. I plan to tie it to the balcony supporting 2x8s with high tensile steel straps, about three for each side. Load-wise, it should be enough, although I understand it doesn't meet the code.

As you can probably see from the structure, I'm a complete newbie at this. I would appreciate any feedback if anything is terribly wrong. Thanks!
@bud16415 could you comment? I see you thumbed up the video. Meaning looks good?
Sure the structure you built looks very substantial and will get the job done for sure.

I understand why the powers to be are reluctant to give permission to drilling screwing or altering existing structure and I also find it kind of stupid coming from the world I grew up in and still feel like I live in it even though I don’t. So many people that don’t have the skills or knowledge building things it is hard to give permission to one and not the other.

It looks like you built something really heavy duty and I’m pretty sure just the weight will keep it in place, but the steel ties should remove all doubt. Bolting it together and using the connectors was a good way to go.

I had a bit of a similar problem with the house we bought and renovated totally. I wanted a new 12x16 deck for a hot tub and social area off one side of the house that was never used off the kitchen. I talked to the neighbors on that side and had it staked out and they were fine with my plan. I decided the best way to proceed was to make it free standing and not attached to the house in any way. If I drained and removed the 6,000 pounds that’s the hot tub and got about 30 strong guys we could pick up the deck and walk it away. There was no issues with attachment to the house and foundations etc and it has worked out just fine. Sometimes it is better not to open that can of worms. When a maple tree with about a 30” trunk fell on the deck and the pergola over the hot tub stopped the tree and the railings stopped the tree from damaging the deck, the insurance adjuster came out and first words out of his mouth were who built this thing? I said I don’t know why? He said I want to shake the guys hand that’s why. He was more than happy to pay for the superficial damages and not the 12k hot tub. he crawled under the thing and said no one builds them like that. I told him and its free standing just think if I tied it to the house. Lol.

Post more photos when you get the top on.