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Jan 15, 2020
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Hello. My dishwasher doesn't work. It's a 3 year old Frigidaire.
Everything seems to work, I hit start and I hear the pump turn on but no water comes out. It's bone dry in there.
I had a tech come out while I was at work and my teenagers were hoke. They report he was here for about 15 minutes. I gave him instructions that if it's over 400 bucks I don't want it fixed.
He left a receipt for a 90 dollar service call and a 55 dollar charge that just says "control board issue" with no estimate of how much it would cost to fix it, I'm just assuming it is over the 400 dollars because he didn't fix it.
However, it seems to me that if it was the control board then the buttons wouldn't work, the pump wouldn't turn on etc. The machine appears to function just no water.
I've tried texting and calling the tech but no answer.
Should I get a second opinion or just put a new washer in?
Go to and search for the control board. You'll need your make and model number to find the specific board. Per the appliance guy at another home improvement board I belong to, they are offering a 10% discount right now. You'll at least know the cost of the board and can make the assessment. If it is only the board, replacing them isn't hard if you're marginally handy.

The tech likely doesn't have the control board on his truck, part of the problem with repairing appliances is it takes multiple visits to fix them, and why things often disposable today. Two visits one to diagnose and one to repair with dispatch costs for both trips.

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jeff sr.
Had the same issue. The fill valve had failed. A new valve was the fix.