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Sep 24, 2005
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what do you perfer? I was going to put in those gas logs ones but I think I may miss the smell of a real fire and gas would be expensive also I would imagine especailly since I like to have one on all day
I'm having a fireplace installed and prefer the wood burning fireplaces. Not only for the smell and the real, crackling fire, but gas is expensive. Not to mention, if the power goes out in the winter, a wood burning fireplace will still work for heat. Just my opinion.
I prefer a traditional fireplace. And, basically, for all the same reasons the other poster mentioned. Not only that, but there are so many different types of woods that you can choose from, so if your budget is a little tighter this month, you can go with a cheaper wood, or if you have money to spare, you can go with a more expensive, more fragrant wood.
we love or wood fireplace also and like the rest said if the power goes out we can stay warm
We currently have a gas log fireplace. But after freezing our tails off during the ice storms last winter, we're converting it to woodburning. Nothing more frustrating than shivering away knowing that if your gas fireplace burned wood you'd be warm, lol!
thank you i never thought about the power going out and freezing to death
wood burning is what we are going to stay with
We have an electric fireplace and the only thing it's good for really is looks and a little bit of heat. It was in the house when we bought it and it's pretty worthless. I'm glad you posted this, it's given me the pro's and con's and I think we'll go with a wood fireplace when we have one installed, which, unfortunately, won't be until next spring.
Natural logs are the best for a fireplace - there is some authenticity to it. And nothing beats the smell of burning wood ... and gas is getting to be incredibily expensive.
Be careful!!! a wood fireplace needs a lot of fresh air and the air comes from inside the home. Nice home heated air which is expelled through the flue with the smoke and replaced with nice fresh cold air from out side. because of this it one of the most inefficient forms of heat and is noticed in all the rooms farthest away from the fireplace. the radient heat does warm you in front of the fireplace and because of this you may think you are getting great warmth your furnace know better.
Wood all the way - yes, wood fireplaces are inefficient, but a wood - burning stove does a good deal better, and in any case, gas logs look cheap and give no real heat either - if you go that way, why not just put sterno and candles in the fireplace opening?