Flat screwdriver with 1/2 inch wide tip, does it even exist?

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Dec 24, 2013
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I have stuck bolt in a very confined space, nothing working and messed up the hex thread. So i managed to use metal saw to cut across the bolt head so that flat tipped screwdriver can be used. But bolt had has hollow center so i need to leverage the "rims" of the head through i made cut across but it needs to use at lease 1/2 inch wide tipped screwdriver to be able drive / leverage both side of the 'rims'.

Well it turns out none of the major tooling stores ie home depot carries anything mire than 3/8 th of an inch which is just short of 1/4. If there is any place i can buy or substitute something similar, let me know.
I considered some chisels but the tip is not square but rather tapered so it might just slide out when trying.
"Hallow" implies there should be room for an easy-out, with a square drive, an 8 point socketket an extension and a rachet.

But back to the screwdriver, I have a couple of antics which I use for small tire repair.


But seriously, you gonna buy a new screwdriver just to start one screw ?
You must have some scrap steel lying around.
Even grind down a coin and hold it with vice grips.
Yeah, I have a few sets of EZ Outs that would make quick work of this issue.