flip switch off, breaker trips

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My problem with it all was:
1.) as always, I was making it harder than it was....
2.) the way it was all taped together and how the original fan was wired... Im not even sure how it ever worked......

We hadnt used that fan in almost 2 years because it would only work sometimes and the only when you had the air pulling up... and it didnt have a light kit attached... yet it was wired for one.... It was a huge mess....
Luckily, I wrapped my pretty little head around it, and it makes total sense to me now, but in the heat of the moment... I needed a pacifier.....
The wiring in this situation was because the power was brought into the ceiling box and not the switch box as it should have been, this is within code but can be confusing to a novice. If you have a volt meter and determine which pair is the power from the breaker box then the odds are that the other pair goes to the switch. You can use the ohm function to do a continuity check to verify that the non-power pair is indeed going to the switch if you like. To make the black to white wire connection meet code you would simply wrap some black tape on the white wire that is attached to the black wire near the connection to designate it as a hot wire so any electrician working on it later would know that it is hot.
I was quite impressed with you shan2themax. I like the fact that you were relentless in trying to resolve the problem. I love it when a women does not allow the fact that she is a women to get in the way of tackling a problem. I have heard to often "I can't do that cause I'm a women" I know lots of guys who can't some of the simplest things. The only reason guys can do what they can do is because someone showed us. Men weren't born knowing the difference between a screwdriver and a crescent wrench, someone showed us. Many women I have met can accomplish some amazing things when someone just shows them how. As a matter of fact from personal experience some of my best employees have been women. Congratulations on not giving up, it speaks highly of you. It was my pleasure to be able to lend a hand. Keep up the good work...Don
Thank you very much... I am blushing... lol... I love to learn AND.. I want to do it right... for 2 reason.... 1.) I want to do it right... and 2.) I dont want to have to do it over again.... lol

But, I do seriously like learning about fixing things around the house... I hear people talking about how much they paid someone to do this or that... and I am appalled! I guess because I have only experienced being able to pay for things on time for a very short time in life. I try to be very fiscally responsible.
Or maybe..... maybe I am just cheap... either way... I love being able to learn and learn to do interesting things! Now, just if I could con helpers into helping so it didnt take me such a long time to get things done.. I could do more, and I wouldnt get burnt out so fast... :p
Cheap is good, learning is good. Never stop learning. When you stop learning you die.
You didn’t explain why the breaker would trip when you turn the light switch off!
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You may not have noticed but this thread has not had any activity for almost 11 years - simple oversight I am sure.

We do welcome suggestions and assistance from everyone though. Hang around. Its a nice place to be.