Flooring Poly choices

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Aug 11, 2020
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Harrisburg, PA
I'm starting the installation of my Maple floors today. Way back in the day, I used to give floor refinishing classes when I worked at Home Depot. At the time, we pushed the products we sold; specifically Parks Pro polyurethanes. I never really found them to be particularly easy to get a good finish. They sucked at self-leveling and it had a thick, syrupy consistency. Good for high solids, difficult to apply.

So I went down the rabbit hole of choosing a poly for my floors. It seems like many reviews come with Zar on top of the list.

Looking for an oil-based poly. The test panels I did with water poly obviously did nothing to enhance the grain, and with the super-light maple, the oil-based really gave it just the right contrast. Anyone have specific experience with any specific product? I will consider pretty much anything that gives a durable, DIY finish. I would consider a non-oil poly if it enhances the grain like oil does. I will also consider a non-poly product, but I have ruled out Shellac.

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