Frigidaire Leaking Drain Pump

Discussion in 'General Appliance Discussion' started by dgreggs, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I have a Frigidaire FWT645RHS0 washing machine that has been leaking a little bit of water right underneath the drain pump. I removed the two drain tubes and took the pump out. I noitced the plastic piece that the drain tubes go into had a small hairline crack (1/2 inch) and water was slowly dripping from it. I can unscrew this plastic peice from the actual drain pump. The drain pump part # is 134051100. The plastic piece that is attached to the pump doesn't have a part #. I guess my question is 2 parts. 1) Can I some how seal the crack on the plastic piece with some type of sealant or epoxy and hook everything back together? 2) Does anyone know where I can buy just that plastic piece, since the actual pump works fine?

    I am trying to avoid buying a new pump and save myself $70-100. Thanks in advance.

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